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Vacu-Blot / Vacu-Blot System

For efficient transfer of DNA and RNA (Southern and Northern blotting)

  • Membrane size up to 20 x 20 cm
  • Large buffer tank
  • Optimised sealing system

Transfer of nucleic acids to membranes is mostly done by vacuum blotting instead of capillary blotting. With vacuum blotting transfer times can be reduced from over night to 15 - 60 minutes (depending on the size of the nucleic acid). Vacuum blotting guarantees reproducible blotting results. Compared to traditional transfer methods vacuum blotting offers increased transfer efficiency and allows the detection of low amounts of DNA during hybridisation.

Vacu-Blot is built for long life. It features a solid and durable construction made of acrylic glass. A reliable sealing system guarantees efficient transfer and short working times. The large tank allows easy recycling of buffer and protects the pump from buffer aspiration.

Vacu-Blot System comes with a vacuum pump with manometer and adjustable vacuum gauge to prevent the agarose gel from collapsing. This pump is needed since a water pump yields a vacuum that might be to high and is irregular.

The Vacu-Blot apparatus was designed to offer maximum flexibility - the sealing platform accommodates gels of all thicknesses and sizes up to 20 x 20 cm while the vacuum pump has adjustable pressure. Vacuum should not be below 100 mbar to prevent gel torsion and reduced transfer efficiency.

Transfer of RNA can be more efficient by using capillary blotting. Blot transfer systems offered for this technique are the Blot Transfer Apparatus 11.14 for 11 x 14 cm gels and the Blot Transfer Apparatus 20.25 for 20 x 25 cm gels.