Compact Multi-Wide

Compact Multi-Wide Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus

The new Compact Multi-Wide is a highly flexible system for rapid screening as well as multiple sample loading with short or long separation distances. It has a wide platform that can separate in preparative scale or up to 32 samples per comb. Depending on gel size, up to 6 combs can be placed on the gel tray.

  • Gel size 15.0 cm x 7.0 cm / 10.0 cm / 15.0 cm / 18.0 cm
  • UV transparent gel trays
  • All-in-one gel casting tank

Compact Multi-Wide is the most variable model of the Compact Family, offering the greatest choice of gel lengths and combs for sample loading. As all four gel trays have the same width, the combs fit to all of the gel trays which are available with this system. The range of 16 different combs inclusive four multichannel pipet compatible combs meets all needs.

The all-in-one gel casting system accommodates gel tray length’s from 7 to 18 cm. A movable wall with sliding casting dam gives the necessary flexibility for this purpose and allows fixing of the different gel trays very quick and easy.

By using the movable casting dam set the casting system can be upgraded into a highly flexible multi-casting system, which offers the convenience to cast simultaneously up to:

3 x 7 cm long gels, or
2 x 10 cm gels, or
1 x 7 cm and 1 x 10 cm long gels, or
1 x 7 cm and 1 x 15 cm long gels.