Introduction to General Lab Equipment

In this part of the Biometra internet you can find frequently needed general laboratory instruments.

A broad selection of Rocking Platforms is available for controlled agitation of blots and liquids.

The ThermoShaker TS1 and ThermoShaker TSC are multiple instruments in one: Thermoshaker, incubator without shaking and shaker without temperature control.

The Thermoblock TB2 is one of the most successful Biometra products. The reason for its success are precise temperature control and a broad selection of different block formats.

Membrane Vacuum Pumps providing truly consistent vacuum are an essential accessory for blotting devices. Biometra offers a selection of advanced membrane pumps that cover all common applications.

The new Refrigerating Circulator KH-6 is perfectly suited to enable below room temperature electrophoresis.

Lab equipment