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Introduction Thermocyclers

Biometra Thermocyclers are the result of more than 20 years of expertise in Peltier technology. The first instrument, the TRIO, was launched in 1989 and was one of the first instruments to use Peltier technology ever. The most famous feature of Biometra Thermocyclers is the gold plated silver block, that achieves high speed and excellent temperature uniformity. Today Biometra offers a complete range of instruments that meet the requirements of all applications.

The latest addition to the Biometra Thermocycler range is the TProfessional Thermocycler. This instrument features ultimate performance with exquisite design. The TProfessional Basic is the budget version which makes professional technology available for routine applications.

The most flexible instrument is the TProfessional TRIO Thermocycler that provides three independent blocks in one housing. The TPersonal is a compact instrument and provides high throughput at minimum footprint. This cycler is ideal when space and budget is limited. For integration in robotic systems the TRobot Thermocycler is equipped with a motorized lid.


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