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JUBILÄUMS-Aktion 2015

Wir haben Geburtstag – Sie bekommen die Geschenke.

Diese Geburtstagsfeier werden Sie nie mehr vergessen.
Denn 25 Jahre Analytik Jena heißt für Sie: 25 Wochen lang gewähren wie Ihnen auf 25 ausgewählte Artikel aus unseren Produktbereichen des Life Science-Sortiments 25 % Rabatt:

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TAdvanced with high speed silver block

End of January 2015 the TAdvanced S with silver block will become available. Offering an unbeatable heating rate of 8 °C/s (25 % faster than the fastest competitor instrument) and excellent temperature uniformity of ...

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Biometra TAdvanced Thermal Cycler

The Biometra TAdvanced thermal cycler is based on a new technology which is, among other things, characterized by very powerful electronics.

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TProfessional / Standard

The TProfessional Thermocycler is inspired by the wish to simplify molecular biology research.

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ThermoShaker TS1

The ThermoShaker TS1 is a variable speed and variable temperature microtube thermomixer.

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Modular, tank-style model designed for the separation of proteins in vertical 9.4 x 8.0 cm polyacrylamide (PAGE) gels.

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Compact Multi-Wide

The new Compact Multi-Wide is a highly flexible system for rapid screening as well as multiple sample loading with short or long separation distances.

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