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Introduction Gel Documentation Systems

Biometra develops and distributes complete solutions for high performance gel documentation and gel analysis. Driven by close contact to our many customers in the field of life sciences we have developed our unique BioDocAnalyze (BDA) software. A recent basal software upgrade ensures state-of-the-art gel analysis. Suggestions and input from laboratories all over the world are consequently implemented in this program.

There are different systems for image capture available: BioDocAnalyze live is using a very light sensitive, monochrome scientific grade CCD camera for image acquisition. The camera provides an advanced depth of data perfect for subsequent gel analysis.
BioDocAnalyze digital includes a high resolution digital single lens reflex colour camera and is one of the first systems of its type on the market. It´s widly computer-controlled and offers the greatest versatility for different applications. 

All of these systems are available as complete workstations (including camera, darkhood, software, printer, computer) or as core sets (camera, software) which can be individually completed with further components.

Biometra also offers a gel documentation system which comes as stand-alone solution without the need for a separate personal computer: The UVsolo has a very compact design and includes a light-sensitive monochrome CCD camera, darkhood and transilluminator.