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UVsolo TS

Compact system for gel documentation

    • Absolutely easy to use
    • High quality gel images
    • Saving images on USB storage device, system memory or network
    • Ideal for multi-user environments

Stand-alone system for absolute flexibility 
UVsolo TS is a highly compact system without the need for a computer. High-quality images are captured with a 1.3 MP camera. Images are saved to a USB storage device, the internal system memory or via network. The system is easily operated on the touch screen with self-explanatory software interface.

UV protection for users is perfect: Opening the door of the darkhood automatically switches off UV light. A gel viewer window in the front door provides a direct, UV protected view to the fluorescent gel. Cutting gels can safely be done by the side access doors that are included as a standard. If preferred it is also possible to cut out of gels with open front door. A UV override switch allows to switch on the UV light with open door. The switch design ensures that the UV override is switched off for the next user. That means maximum UV protection!

Suitable dyes are the following and more: Ethidium Bromide, SYBR®Green, SYBR®Gold, Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain.

A digital thermal printer can be directly connected by a USB2.0 port to the system.

UVsolo TS can be easily upgraded from pure gel documentation to gel analysis with the BioDocAnalyze analysis software which can be installed on a separate personal computer. This software is compatible for the import of image files into the gel analysis.